Energy Saving Roof Evaporative Cooling System Industrial Air Coolers

The 20000M3/H Wall Industrial Air Cooler offers superior performance in factory ventilation systems, outperforming solar conditioners by cooling air with significantly less energy consumption than traditional refrigeration methods.

The ANH evaporative air cooler is a device designed to cool air by utilizing the evaporation of water. This method of cooling is distinct from traditional air conditioning systems, which rely on vapor-compression or absorption refrigeration cycles. Evaporative cooling harnesses the substantial enthalpy of vaporization in water. By undergoing the phase transition from liquid water to water vapor (evaporation), dry air’s temperature can be significantly reduced. This process consumes much less energy compared to refrigeration methods. In arid climates, the added benefit of evaporative cooling is its ability to add moisture to the air, enhancing the comfort of occupants.

  • Brand: ANH
  • Item NO.: ANH30

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Main Features

Energy Saving Roof Evaporative Cooling System Industrial Air Cooler which could be used for all kinds of indoor/outdoor applications. It uses a 1.5KW fan motor, brings you a powerful wind of 20000 CMH, 1 speed. Using 5090 cooling pad, industrial leading cooling performance.

1) Large airflow, 20000 CMH with single speed;

2) High quality cabinet using PP with UV protection;

3) LCD Touch Screen and Remote Controller;

4) Cools an area up to 200m2;

5) Top / Down discharge models available;

6) Energy saving design, operation costs is about 10% of traditional Air conditioner;

7) Easy installation and maintenance;

8) OEM acceptable.

Compare with other Cooling or Ventilation Devices

Type Evaporative Cooler Traditional AC Centrifugal Fan Ceiling Fan
Capacity 20000 CMH 400 BTU/hr 40 CMH 1400 mm.dia
Power (kw) 1.5 54 7.5 0.075
Effective Area (Sqm) 1000 1000 1000 1000
Air Change per hour 30 0 30 0
Units Required 6 2 3 83
Total Consumption (kw) 9 108 22.5 6.2
Electricity Cost Per Year (kwh) (10 hrs, 365 days) 32850 394200 82125 22721
Cost Ratio 8.33 % 100 % 20.83 % 5.76 %
Airflow (m3/h) 20000
Air Pressure (Pa) 235
Fan Type Axial
Speed Single speed
Noise (dB) ≤ 68
Effective Area (m2) 150-200
Evaporation Efficiency (%) 85
Water Capacity (L) 40
Power Supply (V/Hz) 380/50
Power Consumption (kw) 1.5
Controller LCD Touch Screen and Remote Controller
Net Weight (kg) 78
Dimension (mm) 1100×1100×1030

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