EMC Heat Recovery for Stenter

Basic Information :

  • Model: EMC-5
  • Less volume but more capacity
  • One container one machine
  • High level of purification
  • Adoption of Chinese emission standards.
  • Energy conservation & environmental protection.

Product Description:

EMC Exhaust Gas treatment & Automatic cleaning system for stenter :
  •  Variable frequency & Energy Saving
  • Air volume changes along the wind pressure

   Electric field-

  • Hexagonal honeycomb electric
  • More effective area
  • Smaller size
  • Remove oil safely & quietly
  • Automatic targeted cleaning
  • More lifetime

Steam retaining-

  • Remove stream
  • Corrosion resistance

 Wind cooling system-

  • Coolant
  • No water consumption
  • Anti freeze & scaling
  • More lifetime
Fire damper & Security system-
  • Fire protection system
  • Multiple flame sensors
  • Can run when cut off power
  • Real-time monitoring with cell phone

Cooling system & Heat exchanger-

  • Copper material
  • Flat plate & Spot check type
  • Modularization
  • Automatic targeted cleaning
  • Servo water knife cleaning all around
  • Press sensing control knife
  • Multiple filter
  • Anti- blocking nozzle

Thermal expansion-

  • Heat recovery:
    Fresh air heated by exhaust gas go into the first and
    last section of stenter to save fuel.
  •  Warm factory in winter:
    The medium absorbs the heat from the exhaust gas to
    evaporate to make the cold water from 7 “C to 11 .C to
    cool the workshop. The waste heat of the exhaust gas
    can also be used for heating the workshop in winter.
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