Waste Water Heat Recovery System

Basic Information :

  • Brand: SNS Energy.
  • Model: ENSAVER.
  • Prerequisite for saving fuel cost.
  • ENSAVER is vital equipment for your company in the era of high oil prices.
  • Waste water heat recovery system can save 30,0 of energy consumption by transforming waste energy into fuel.
  • Energy-intensive industries (dyes. steel, paper making, and food industries) are wasting enormous thermal energy  in production process.

Product Description:

4 Stage Filter:

  • Auto filters 99% of waste water suspended solids.
  • Semi-permanent innovative product.
  • Permanent performance of heat exchanger through 4 Stage Filter.

Fully Automated Integrated Management System: 

  • Filtering and maintenance made using SMART automated system
  • Remote management anywhere around the world through internet.

Waste Water Flow:

  • Heated waste water takes heat exchange with supplied water through ENSAVER and cooled waste water is discharged.
  • Supplied water heated through ENSAVER and sent to hot water tank
  • Heated water sent to manufacture facilities.
  • Steam used for production.
  • Waste water discharged.

High Efficiency Heat Exchanger: 

  • Compact size and higher effectiveness
  • 9.6mm SUS TUBE.
  • Strict quality control.

Assembling Pipe:

  • Easy installation
  • Coupling joint and block assembling method used.
  • Easy maintenance and capability extension.


  • Fuel costs Reduction 30%
  • Electricity used by hot water saved
  • Cool-Hot water used separately causing coolant reduction
  • Use of hot water causing productivity rise.
  • Funded money returned in layer.
  • Eco-friendly management by CO2 reduction.
  • Net profit rise causing more sales.
  • Waste water treatment cost reduce by discharging cooled temperature.
  • Using stainless steel made by POSCO steel in KOREA (SUS304, SUS316L, Titanium).
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