Ecommerce: Micro Fulfilment Center

Ecommerce: Micro Fulfilment Center | Addverb Technologies | ANH Enterprise Limited
This solution is designed for a global multi-National entering grocery ecommerce space. As it was a greenfield project, we understood the business requirement of the customer by visiting their existing warehouses and understanding the nuances of the operations. The customer was struggling with timely delivery and last mile challenges as cities are getting congested due to traffic and the warehouse was situated outside the city. Through our extensive research, we came up with the concept of Micro fulfilment center, which can disrupt the entire business model of e-grocery. we designed a customized solution such that these Micro Fulfilment Centers leverage advanced Goods-To-Person technologies such as our Dynamo, our Autonomous Mobile Robots & Quadron, our carton shuttle along with the web of smart conveyors to ensure efficient, accurate and super-fast order picking and storage, thereby achieving 99.99% of the deliveries on time in-full. 👉 Scale: To fulfil the increased demand of 2000 orders/day, as a result of surge in online grocery shopping. 👉 Speed: To meet the speedy order fulfilment, reduction of picking time was very important which was currently 60 minutes. 👉 Efficiency: Reduction in the last mile delivery cost to optimize the operations of this segments. Follow us on: Website: Facebook: LinkedIn:… Instagram: Twitter:

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