Veloce is an automated Mobile Picking Vehicle (MPV) designed for multi-channel intralogistics. An army of Veloce
navigates through a grid to safely deliver these mobile racks to pre-decided locations for picking, reducing the
picking errors and ensuring smooth processes. On receiving the instructions from FMS, Veloce travels to the location &
performs the pick & place operation.
After completion of the operation, Veloce notifies FMS about the same & also it continuously keeps communicating
with it about its status and battery life.
Ideal for industries like Retail, FMCG, Automotive, Pharmaceutical, and Manufacturing.


  • Veloce follows a QR-based guided path to reach a specific location with high accuracy.
  • Average pick time (up to 3rd level) of 20 secs | Zero turning radius
  • Max Bin size is 600 mm* 400 mm * 400 mm | Picking height In aisle can vary from 0.49 mtr up to 3.4 mt
  • With a charging time of 30 mins, Veloce can operate for up to 4 hours
  • Multi-level safety & warning zones to slow down & stop the Veloce at a safe distance.
  • Warning lights & audible warning signal while approaching a turn or an obstacle; alarm signal & alarm sound in case of an encounter
  • AI-powered – Fleet Management System to control several robots to complete the task efficiently & effectively
  • Emergency state triggers safe stopping of Veloce
  • In case of a collision, mechanical bumpers would trigger the safety switch & bring the Veloce to an emergency stop.



Key Benefits

  • Fast storage and retrieval of versatile loads- crates, cartons
  • 100% safe as it operates in a dedicated area (Unmanned area)
  • Quick installation of less than 2 weeks & easily reconfigurable
  • Easy to operate, can be controlled through an Android based tab
  • Modular design, can be adjusted as per the height of the aisle
  • Higher accuracy levels, picking accuracy of +/- 2 cm

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