Dynamo, our robust autonomous mobile robot powered by natural navigation, enables efficient and seamless material movement.

Tech Specs

Speed & Performance

  • Payload Capacity:100 Kg
  • Dimension:775 mm x 575 mm x 392 mm
  • Max Speed:2 m/s
  • Motor Type:DC Servo – 200 Watt
  • Turning Radius:on the spot turning
  • Acceleration and De-acceleration:0.2 m/s^2


  • Safety laser scanners & Ultrasonic sensors Safety System:1 Lidar sensor (mounted at the front), 3D Depth camera, bumper on front and back side, 2 emergency stop buttons
  • Safety Sensor:2D LIDAR
  • Operational Mode:Auto / Manual
  • Precision Docking:+/- 10mm
  • Stopping Accuracy Docking:+/-50 mm
  • Stopping Accuracy Positioning:+/-50 mm

Dynamo Process – 1/3

Dynamo visualizes the operating area through Lidar

Dynamo Process – 2/3

Fleet Management system ensures seamless movement and calculates optimal path for a specific mission

Dynamo Process – 3/3

2-level sensor mechanism ensures safety, precision, and obstacle avoidance, making it the perfect robotically in human-led operations

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