Single Jersey Open-Width Circular Knitting Machine

Technical Parameters:

  • Diameter: 14”-44”
  • Gauge: 12G-44G
  • Feeders: 36F-132F


1.Ergonomics and streamlined design, the machine is easy to operate, which is conducive to saving the adjustment time and improving production efficiency;
2.The heart uses ultra-hard aluminum material for aircraft, which is lighter in weight, excellent in heat dissipation and high end in appearance;
3.Unique hanging type yarn feeding nozzle design, guide yarn and lining spandex more stable, is conducive to improve the speed of machine production and maintain good product quality stability;
4.Materials are widely used in cotton, synthetic fiber, silk, artificial wool, mesh or elastic cloth etc., and can be woven into single-faced fabrics of different tissues by changing the triangular arrangement.
5.The cloth-cutting machine(open width) is equipped with a roller speed adjustment device that guarantees a uniform and stable knitting tightness to the fabric.

Basic Information:

  • Type: Circular Knitting Machines
  • Brand: Suntech
  • Model: ST-DJKM
  • Diameter: 14”-44”
  • Gauge: 12G-44G
  • Feeders: 36F-132F
  • Clean Device: Middle Blower Fans and/or Top Blower Fans
  • RPM:  35-38RPM Depend on cams arrangement and Diameter
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