Double Jersey Open-Width Circular Knitting Machine

Basic Information:

  • Type: Circular Knitting Machines
  • Brand: Suntech
  • Model: ST-DJKM
  • Diameter: 14”-44”
  • Gauge: 12G-44G
  • Feeders: 36F-132F
  • Clean Device: Top Blower Fans
  • RPM:  22-28RPM Depend on cams arrangement and Diameter

Technical Parameters:

  • Diameter: 14”-44”
  • Gauge: 12G-44G
  • Feeders: 36F-132F


1. Advanced gear system, Lubricate and prolong machine lifespan, high utilization of your investment.

2. Easily changed cylinder systems, Meeting different demands, flexible and efficiency in knitting fabrics.

3. Most Popular model, capable of knitting various kinds of double jersey fabric.

4. Stable performance.

5. The cloth-cutting machine(open width) is equipped with a roller speed adjustment device that guarantees a uniform and stable knitting tightness to the fabric.

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