Hot Air Stenter Machine

Basic Information :

  • Fabric Type: Tubular knitting fabric cotton or blend
  • Brand: Ensaver
  • Speed: 100 m/m
  • Manufacturing Year: 2020 Years
  • Voltage: 220/380 Volt (v)
  • Fabric width: 2800 Millimeter (mm)
  • Applicable Material: woven, knitting & wool.
  • Dimension: (L*W*H) 32300*4620*1750 Millimeter (mm)

Product Description:

Hot Air Stenter
Stenter(we have stenter both can work for weaving and knitting fabrics).

Machine Usage:

GHLD2800 hot air stenter is mainly used for the cotton, polyester, wool, hemp of setting process for the open width fabrics, after worked by the machine, you can get stable size of the fabrics.

Technical flow:

open width fabrics infeed — infra red expanding and centering — padder — zidond lower overfeeding — screw expanding — machincial weft straigtner — upper overfeeding — edge spreader — infra-red inspector — pin on — heat setting — coolant — pin off — exit — plaiter or rolling.


Mainly technical parameters:


Machine working pattern: chains circulation horizontal rotary
Heat setting pattern: hot air circulation
Chains pattern: pitch 60mm, stainless steel chains.

Rail pattern stainless steel rail, graphite strip, non oil lubrication

Machine standard power: 380V ±5% 50Hz3PH
Control power: 220V, 24V
Applicable steam specification: 3-6Kg/cm²saturated steam
Steam consumption: 00 150kg/hour
Applicable compressed air specification: 0.3-0.6Mpa compressed air without moisture
Maximum temperature of the heating chamber: 220
Applicable heat sourch: A. Circulation thermal oil

B. 2Kpa-3.5Kpa natural gas

Circulation oil consumption: 80000-140000Kcal/ H chamber 0.33-0.6GJ
Natural gas consumption: 8-15m³/H chamber(about6.5-12KG
Main chain driven pattern: right and left chains drive separately
Working width control pattern: working width of each chamber adjust separately
Air delivery pattern of the heating chamber: upper blower chamber and lower blower chamber control air volume separately.
Pin plate maximum working width: 2000mm-3000mm
Heating chamber width: 000mm/chamber
Machinal speed: 5 – 80m/min
Power of some parts: Padder: 12.5kw
Gluming, cutting, sucking device 6.74 KW(optional)
Pneumatic edge spreader 3KW
Driven device 45 KW
Each chamber power: 15.75kw
Machine dimension Max L=18000+3000mm/chamber*Nchamber
W=2700+working width
Machine weight: about 12tons+4.5ton/chamberxN chamber
Machine colour: jewelry blue + Crystal White
Insulated pannel thickness: 150mm



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