Basic information:

  • Model: ST-TFSM-01
  • Fabric Width: 2.0-3.0 meters
  • Max Rope Diameter: 800mm
  • Running Speed: 0-100m/min
  • Material: Stainless Steel 304/A3 Steel
  • Electric Specs: 3Phase-380v;50Hz


ST-TFSM-01 Tubular Rope Opener is mainly applicable after rope dyeing. It is used to slit & open the roped fabric and has been specially designed for continuous high-speed operation in automatic mode.

ST-TFSM-01 Tubular Rope Opener is mainly applicable after rope dyeing. It is used to slit & open roped fabric and has been specially designed for continuous high speed operation in automatic mode. The machine material could be A3 Steel or Stainless Steel, which could be suitable for both raw and wet fabrics.

● Ergonomically designed
● Fast and easily handled, requiring for one operator only
● Synchronize production process
● Reduce administration


ST-TFSM-01 Tubular Rope Opener:


1). Raisable Frame and Automatic Detwister
Automatic detwister for fabric rope. The signal from feeler is picked up by proximity switches. Fabric rope engagement is by means of rotary opening rollers.


2). Slitting Basket
By means of a handwheel, the diameter of the round basket can be expanded from 320 to 800mm, so as to facilitate the spreading of fabric and prevent permanent weft
distortions, as may be generated by the splitting process.

3). Needle Drop Sensor
The needle drop sensors can detect the needle drop on the fabric and adjust the basket to place the fabric in proper slitting position.

4). Infrared Spreading-Centering Unit
It automatically opens the fabric and then centers it, to ensure that the fabric is aligned in the center of the machine. It is used for both slitting and rope opening function.

5). Hydraulic Turntable – Option
Controlled by fluid power, 1800mm diameter, for fabric carriage rotation in heavy-duty conditions. It facilitate the operation of rope untwisting after washing or dyeing.

6). Squeezing Unit for Fabric Ropes – Option
Squeezing unit J-box with an oscillating chute for self-adjustment of speed, to be installed on the entry of the line to reduce the quantity of water contained in the fabric.


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