Electric Double Reach Truck Zowell- RRE

Short descriptions:

  • Model NO: RRE115/RD32
  • Lift height: >5000mm
  • Trademark: Zowell
  • Supplier: AnH Enterprise
  • Transport Package: Wooden Pallet
  • Specification: 2094*1098*3556mm
  • Cab Location: Adjustable
  • Type: Stacker
  • Power: AC Motor
  • Load Capacity: 1T – 5T
  • Fuel: Electric
  • Load center: 600mm
  • Origin: Suzhou, China

Product Descriptions:

  • Safety : Standard with OPS and SAS safety management system, improve the safety level.
  • Stability :Strong chassis and mast increases durability.
  • High efficiency and energy-saving : CAN bus main wire and full AC control system, which greatly improves the motor performance and lower the electricity consumption.
  • High adaptation : Suspension design on driving assembly makes it perfect performance on all kinds of floor.
  • Easy to maintenance : Half-closed electric unit chamber design and battery side out function make it easy for maintenance work.
  • Comfortable operation : Equipped with EPS function and multifunctional finger joysticks bring you unmatched comfort.


Full Specifications:

Manufacturer  Zowell
Model RRE115
Power Electroc
Operator Type stand
Load Capacity Q ib.(kg) 3200 lbs(1450 kg)
Load Centre c in.(mm) 23.6″(600mm)
Load Distance forks retracted x in.(mm) 12.6″(287mm)
Wheel Base y in.(mm) 64.96″(1650mm)
Truck Weight less battery ib.(kg) 8466 lbs(3840kg)
Axle loading(Front/Rear)  (/) W/O Load,forks retracted ib.(kg) 4336 lbs(1967kg)/6,069 lbs(2753kg)
With Load,forks extension ib.(kg) 8139 lbs(3692kg)/5463 lbs(2478kg)
With Load,forks retracted ib.(kg) 10716 lbs(4861kg)/2885 lbs(1309kg)
Tyre Type poly
Tyres power unit side,drive in.(mm) 13.5″×2.9″(φ343mm×140mm)
Tyres load side in.(mm) 5.0″×5.5″(φ127mm×74mm)
Castor Wheel in.(mm) 8.0″×4.0″(φ200mm×100mm)
Wheels no.(x=driven) power unit side/load side 1x,2/4
Track Width power unit side b10 in.(mm) 31.5″(800mm)
Fork Carriage Tilt forward/backward  / angle ° 3/4
Mast collapsed height h1 in.(mm) 140″(3556mm)
Free Lift h2 in.(mm) 104″(2642mm)
Lift Height h3 in.(mm) 321″(8150mm)
Mast extended height w.load backrest h4 in.(mm) 357″(9068mm)
Overhead Guard Height h6 in.(mm) 95″(2413mm)
Outtrigger Height standard wheel h8 in.(mm) 5.1″(130mm)
Headlength l2 in.(mm) 63.1″(1604mm)
Overall Width power unit side b1 in.(mm) 42.9″(1098mm)
Fork Dimension    th×w×l in.(mm) 40/100/1070
Fork Carriage 2A
Fork Carriage Width incl.load backrest b3 in.(mm) 32.44″(824mm)
Width Across Forks b5 in.(mm) 7.9″-30.2″(200-768mm)
Inside Straddle in 25mm increments b4 in.(mm) 34″-50″(865-1270mm)
Reach l4 in.(mm) 40.5″(1030mm)
Ground Clearance centre wheelbase in.(mm) 1.97″(50mm)
Working Aisle Width 1200×1000 deep Ast in.(mm) 119″(3023mm)
Working Aisle Width 1000×1200 deep Ast in.(mm) 123.3″(3132mm)
Working Aisle Width 800×1200 deep Ast in.(mm) 121.6″(3088mm)
Turning Radius Wa in.(mm) 74.6″(1895mm)
Overall Length length over outriggers l7 in.(mm) 82.4″(2094mm)
Backrest Height in.(mm) 62″(1576mm)
Entry Step Height in.(mm) 10.2″(260mm)
3rd Post in.(mm) 1″(25mm)
Travel Speed w./w.o. load power unit first /- km/h 10/10 km/h
 forks first /- 10/10 km/h
Lift Speed w./w.o. load / m/s 0.33/0.5 m/s
Lower Speed w./w.o. load / m/s 0.5/0.5 m/s
Reach Speed m/s 0.3
Brakes Electric
Traction Motor 60 min.rating kw 6kw
Lift Motor 15% on time kw 13kw
Max.Battery Box Size l×h×w mm 413×985×788
Battery Voltage nominal capacity 5h rating V/Ah 36 V/775Ah
Battery Weight minimum kg 1940 lbs(880kg)
Type of Controller traction/lift/steering  //
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