Godrej Side Loader GST 50


  • Model: GST 50
  • Power Source: Diesel
  • Lift Height: 4000 mm (Duplex Mast)
  • Turning Radius: 4400
  • Aisle Width: 2500
  • Travel Speed: 20/22 Km/hr
  • Lift Speeds: 0.35/0.40 m/s
  • Grade ability: 15/25 %
  • Brakes Wet: Disc Brakes
  • Distributed by: AnH Enterprise limited
  • Manufactured by: Godrej

Heavy & Long Material Handling Solution

For the first time, AnH Enterprise introduces its 5 tonne diesel-powered Side Loader through AnH Enterprise Limited in Bangladesh for Heavy and Long material handling solution. This is the age of specialists, a breed whose expertise in a field guarantees managing its tasks proficiently, safely and in the shortest possible time. This Side Loader is an equipment of these specialists to handle long loads in factory or warehouse. Working in aisles as narrow as 2.5 meters, it saves you expensive floor space. It can handle long loads with proficiently, safely and in the shortest possible time. It can lift 5000 kg load up to 4000 mm height and save storage spaces.


This SIDE LOADER is the India’s First Indigenous Side loader which is most Efficient, Safe and Productive choice when handling LONG LOADS.  Manufactured by Godrej and distributed by AnH Enterprise, the Side Loader is-

  • The Complete ecosystem for accurate operations.
  • World’s best components delivering superior performance
  • Optimum Machine Up time to service your need
  • Fool-proof operations guaranteed

The Side Loader is applicable for using in the some relevant industries like

  • Timber and Plywood industry
  • Metal/Sheet Metal /Aluminum
  • Plastics/UPVC Pipe manufacturing company
  • Steel (Bars/Billets/Slabs/Coils) Mills
  • Concrete/ Building Construction Materials
  • Irrigation/ Sewage / Oil & Gas equipment transportation
  • Large warehouse
  • Also applicable for similar industries where long loads are handled.


  • Increased 40% Storage Capacity
  • Superior Cost Efficiency: Reduced manpower – One Operator is sufficient to pick-up, store, retrieve and transport. It demands Low training cost – A simple machine which can be operated easily by semi-skilled operators
  • Fleet reduction – combines both indoor and outdoor applications
  • One solution – Performs all the operations from Lifting (forklift) to transportation (truck)
  • Turning for loading/unloading consumes time. No point turn required hence time saving operation
  • Easy maneuverability in narrow aisles
  • No Load Damage
  • Higher Lateral Stability
  • Less Space required to transport, no required Wide Space
  • Works on low strength flooring
  • No damage to inventory and convenient transportation
  • Powerful Cummins engine
  • SAFETY : Camera visual for fork’s lateral movement • Travel lockout to avoid accidents Electrical Parking brake is configured to be engaged when truck is switched off

Extra Safety Features of the Side loader

  • The truck will not start unless it is in neutral mode.
  • Anti-Cranking: The engine will not be cranked if engine is already running.
  • Transmission goes in Neutral mode when linear speed exceeds 20km/h.
  • The truck cannot be driven when fork is not on the ground or when mast is in reach out position.
  • All lights are protected from short circuit damage as they are driven via a controller with inbuilt circuit breakers.


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