Our Pick-To-Light through our own electronic hardware and in-house software enables high-speed order fulfillment operations, with a best-in-class picking rate and outstanding productivity.

Tech Specs

Power and Display

  • Powered by: Bus bar/ Cable based PTL
  • Display:4-digit Red color lights
  • Display Digit Size:0.56 inch
  • LED Signaling:Multicolored

Other Features

  • Processor: RISC Based Controlling Unit
  • Maximum Power:960 mW
  • HBM Protection :+/- 16kV
  • Bus Pin Fall Protection:+/-70

scanning of an order crate’s barcode sends an electronic signal igniting respective Rapido in the zone

Rapido’s LED displays the number of items to be picked from that location

The pick is acknowledged by putting off the confirmation button





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