ZH Pinking Machine

Precision is achieved through the right angle guide with millimeter graduation, ensuring accurate cutting. Effortlessly cuts through fabrics of any quality.

  • Safe two-hand operation
  •  Effortless cutting of any fabric quality
  • Mobile, ready to use anywhere
  • Reliable and maintenance-free
  • Power driven swatch and sample cutting machine
  • With laser cut-line indicator
  • Designed to cut textile samples with serrated or straight edges
  • Precise and accurate thanks to right angle guide with millimeter graduation
  • Unmatched price


    • Brand: ANH
    • Item NO.: ANH30
    • Color: Orange & Silver (Customized colors accepted)
    • Shipping Port: Shanghai, China

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Usage/Application Fabric Sample & Swatch Cutting
Brand ANH
Automation Grade Semi-Automatic
Material Mild Steel
Knife Length 500 mm
Operated Electrically operated model
polytex-ZH-Technical data
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