Warp Knitting Lift HBT-07


  • Carrying Capacity:  300-500 kg
  • Cloth Roll Diameter: 500 mm
  • Hydraulic Cylinders: Two
  • Hydraulic Unit: One
  • Center Height: 585mm

ST-HBT-07 Hydraulic Cloth Roll Doffing Trolley with cradle for removing cloth rolls from weaving machines. This transport trolley with a loading capacity of 500kg can be easily operated and can also be handled in very narrow aisles.

By means of the push bar, the trolley can be pushed from both sides. The pumping force is adjusted by the foot-operated pump with automatic quick lift to the weight of the fabric roll.


1). A vehicle which can be easily moved.

2). Push bar can be operated from both sides.

3). Foot-operated pump with automatic quick lift.

4). Special lifting system for efficient operation even in narrow aisles.

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