Warp Beam

Basic Info. :

Warp Beam is suitable for spun and filament yarn. Benninger,Karl mayer,Hakoba,West Point,Suker and other high speed sectional and conventional warping machines. Available Size: 800mm flange dia. to 1400mm dia. Working width: 1600mm to 2800mm.

We have the capability to customize for any leading Warper brands in the world.

Product Overview:

Warp Beam:

  1. Beam Barrel: Made by 20# Seamless Steel Pipe; Tensile Strength: 470-490Mpa; Elongation: 3.6%.
  2. Flange: Made by ZL105 High Strength Aluminum Alloy; Material and Mechanical Property are higher than ZL104 Standard for imported components; Surface Anodic Oxidation Treatment.
  3. Break Disc: Made by QT 500-7 Nodular Cast Iron.
  4. Precision after Assembly:
  • Barrel Jump <0.25 mm per 1000 mm
  • Flange Vertical Jitter <0.35 mm
  • Balance Correction <30 g
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