Tissue sample cutting and pinking machine ZP-V

A high-performance, high-precision pinking machine suitable for a diverse range of materials. Features a semi or fully automatic double-feed system and includes a laser cut-line indicator.

  • Efficient and precise, this machine is suitable for a wide range of materials, including various fabric qualities and stiff materials like textile wall coverings, leather, artificial leather, plastic foils, felt, carpet, and paper-backed upholstery fabrics for stack books.
  • It boasts high performance with 30/50 cutting strokes per minute, ensuring fast and accurate results. The machine is easy to operate, offering two options: the hand lever double-feed mechanism with millimeter graduation or the automatic feed control system.
  • Handling is made simple and fast with a direct view onto the cutting area. Safety is a priority, guaranteed by reliable light barrier devices on both sides of the knife. The machine features maintenance-free, self-lubricating bearings, ensuring smooth operation.
  • With an electric drive incorporating a stop-motor, the machine offers low energy consumption and noise levels.
  • Brand: ANH

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High performance precision pinking machine suitable for a wide variety of materials. Equipped with programmable fully automatic double-feed system, light-barrier safety device and laser-beam cut-line indicator. Optionally available with semi-automatic hand-lever double-feed mechanism and acrylic safety covers. Low-stroke high-speed version available.


  • Model ZP-V
  • Dimension102cm
  • Brand ANH
  • LabelZackenmuster-Schneidemaschine
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