QDA E Pallet Stacker

Product Details:

  • Model: QDA E
  • Drive: Electric
  • Operator type: Standing
  • Rated capacity: Q(kg) 1500/2000
  • Load center: distance (mm) 600
  • Wheelbase: Y(mm) 1355

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QDA E Pallet Stacker

When looking to purchase one of our QDA electric pallet stackers, you can choose from a duplex mast or triplex mast according to your needs. The maximum lifting height of the duplex mast is 3500mm, while the maximum lifting height of the triplex mast is 5500mm. Either way you can count on high performance and high efficiency operation.

(1) Easy maintenance
  • An AC driver means lower repair and maintenance costs. The power motor is installed upright, making it easier to test and repair if necessary.
  • The battery cover is easy to open so as to facilitate the simple addition of distilled water or electrolytes.
(2) High performance
  • High quality hydraulic system provides stable ascending and descending speed with low noise.
  • Electronic limit switch can accurately control the maximum lifting height to protect the motor from becoming damaged.

Technical parameters:


Features Model QDA
Drive Electric
Operator type Standing
Rated capacity Q(kg) 1500/2000
Load center distance c(mm) 600
Wheelbase Y(mm) 1355
Weight Service weight(with battery) kg 1050/1220
Chassis Wheels Polyurethane
Steer wheel size Φ248×75
Load wheel size Φ80×70
Additional Wheel Φ115×50
Wheel number, steer wheel/load wheel (x = driving wheel) 1x+2/4
Tread, front b10(mm) 632
Tread, rear b11(mm) 385/500
Dimension Retracted height h1(mm) 2080/1720/1970/2080/2220
Max. lift height h3(mm) 1600/2500/3000/3300/3500
Height, mast extended h4(mm) 2180/3080/3580/3880/4180
Height, fork lowered h13(mm) 85
Overall length l1(mm) 2000/2050
Overall width b1(mm) 850
Fork dimension S/e/l(mm) 55/185/1150
Fork width b5(mm) 570/685
Ground clearance m2(mm) 25
Aisle width for pallets 1000×1200 crossways Ast(mm) 2420
Aisle width for pallets 800×1200 lengthways Ast(mm) 2360
Turning radius Wa(mm) 1580
Performance Data Traveling speed, laden/unladen Km/h 3/3.5
Lifting speed, laden/unladen m/s 0.1/0.12-0.08/0.1
Descending speed, laden/unladen m/s 0.15/0.12-0.12/0.1
Max. gradeability, laden/unladen % 8/10
Traveling brake Electromagnetic brake
Motor Drive motor power kW 1.5
Lifting motor power kW 3.0
Battery voltage/rated capacity V/Ah 24/210
Battery weight Kg 190
Turning mode Electric power system
Other details Noise level at operator’s ear, according to DIN12053 dB(A) 70


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