First pressing/uncurling machine for continuous fabrics

Discover the ultimate in textile processing versatility with our state-of-the-art pressing/uncurling machine. With the ability to handle both continuous fabrics and individual pieces, this innovative solution ensures impeccable results every time. Featuring advanced technology and intuitive controls, it guarantees optimal performance for a wide range of knits, including delicate fabrics up to 18gg. Experience seamless production and unmatched efficiency with this game-changing addition to your workflow.

Introducing the industry’s first pressing/uncurling machine designed to handle both continuous fabrics and individual pieces with equal precision and efficiency. Engineered to meet the demands of modern textile production, this machine seamlessly processes fabrics of varying styles and sizes with unparalleled accuracy.

Available in working widths of 180cm, 200cm, and now expanding to 220cm starting this year, our machine accommodates a wide range of fabric dimensions, providing flexibility to meet diverse production needs.

Featuring a robust double feeding roller system, dual steaming and heating areas, and an extended suction area, this machine ensures thorough and uniform processing across the entire fabric surface. Its innovative adjustment system utilizing “flaps” and intuitive control via the PLC Touch Screen Siemens guarantee optimal performance for all types of knits, including the most delicate and challenging fabrics up to 18gg.

The automatic piler adds another layer of efficiency with its dual functionality: lapping for continuous fabrics and stacking for individual pieces. This versatile feature streamlines the production process, maximizing productivity and minimizing downtime.

Experience unrivaled precision, versatility, and efficiency in textile processing with our cutting-edge pressing/uncurling machine. Revolutionize your production workflow and elevate the quality of your textiles with this advanced solution.

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