ANH Steam Boiler (BAHR’12)

Introducing our latest addition to the ANH product lineup: the ANH High-Pressure Steam Generator. Engineered for superior steam generation efficiency, this robust system features flame inversion, smooth tubes, and turbulators. With its versatile design, it can accommodate both liquid and gaseous fuels, making it ideal for a wide range of industrial applications. From its compliance with European safety standards to its durable construction, the ANH High-Pressure Steam Generator delivers reliable performance with every use.

ANH High-Pressure Steam Generator:

The ANH High-Pressure Steam Generator is a robust system featuring flame inversion, smooth tubes, and turbulators, designed for optimal efficiency. With efficiency ratings of 90% for the OR version, 94% for the HP version, and up to 96% for EC versions, the BAHR’12 series offers exceptional performance in steam generation.

Key Features:
– Flame inversion principle with a wet bottom design
– Standard safety pressure up to 12 bar (higher pressures available on request)
– Steam production ranging from 300 to 6000 kg/h
– Compatible with liquid or gaseous fuels
– Complete with adjustments and safety accessories for automatic operation
– Conforms to Essential Safety Requirements of European Directive PED 2014/68/EU, evidenced by CE marking

General Characteristics:
– Boiler body designed in compliance with EN 12953-3:2016 standard, featuring set-in type tube plates and a cylindrical shell with a high-quality steel wet bottom furnace
– Equipped with safety and control devices housed in 100 mm diameter still pipes
– Materials accompanied by manufacturing certificates, ensuring suitability for use
– Smoke pipes welded to tube plates, with each tube featuring helical or inserted turbulators
– Front door constructed from welded steel sheet internally lined for insulation, with a self-cleaning flame sight glass
– Rear smoke chamber made of welded steel sheet, designed for easy removal, and equipped with suitable cleaning door and flue gas connection
– Base comprises a steel frame closed by steel plates
– Service gangway located in the upper part of the generator, compliant with EN ISO 14122 Standard
– Thermally insulated outer shell with high-density rock wool mattress, externally protected by pre-painted aluminum casing

Standard Supply Composition:
– Steam outlet shut-off flow valve
– Spring-loaded safety valves
– Reflective level indicators with flanged connections
– Large dial pressure gauge
– Safety pressure switch
– Limit pressure switch
– Regulation pressure switch for burner control
– Low water level safety probes
– Water level probes for pump ON-OFF
– Vertical centrifugal pump for water loading
– Water supply circuit with shut-off flow valve
– Water drain/sludge discharge group
– Manhole and inspection port
– Moisture separator on the steam outlet
– Turbulators
– Lifting hooks
– Electrical panel
– Standard documentation

– Second boiler water feed pump kit
– Inlet water filter kit
– EC kit for integrated economizer
– Maximum level safety kit
– TDS kit
– Automatic bottom drain kit
– Burner plate customization
– Burner

Special Versions:
– BAHR’12 24 hr / 72 hr for continuous operation without supervision

Note: Efficiency values may vary based on working pressure and load conditions, particularly with economizer usage. Quantity and model configuration may vary accordingly.

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