Zowell VNA Three Way Forklift 1000kg Capacity

Basic Information:

  • Truck Model: VDA 116
  • Load Capacity: 1600kgs
  • Load Center: 600mm
  • Max lifting height: 9000mm
  • Lifting height without losing load: 5500mm
  • Min Working Aisle Width: 1580mm
  • Min Main Aisle Width: 3800mm
  • Fork Dimension: 122 X 50-L
  • Max Travel Speed: 10 Km/h
  • Battery Voltage/Capacity: 48/450V/Ah
  • Steering type: EPAS

Product Description:

  • Electric powering steering
  • Electric fork
  • Maximum 1.6-ton capacity
  • Maximum 9m lifting height
  • Minimum 1480mm aisle width

Safety: VNA Three Way Forklift standard EPS system and wheel display system. Easy and comfortable driving,
Stable performance: imported Germany mast steel channel & speed-reducer.High compressive strength keep a stable mast system.

High Efficiency: VNA Three Way Forklift can rotate in 180 degrees without moving the forklift itself when loading and unloading goods both on the left or right side.
Compared with using normal forklifts, its storable pallets can increase by 60%.

Zowell Vna Three Way Forklift 1000kg Capacity

Energy savings:  Fork moving is controlled by electricity, the energy-saving level can be up to 50%. Not only improve the use time but also avoid the oil-leaking problem.

Ergonomics: Both the full-surrounded panels design and the individual function layout comply with the requirements of ergonomics, which optimizes operator comfort.

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