Yildiz Makine Dyeing Machine

Basic Information:

  • Capacity: 1 x 250 Kg
  • Number of Chamber: 1
  • Pump Speed: 1130 rpm
  • Machine Speed: 330 m/min
  • Time of Tour: 180 sec. / tour
  • Nozzle Setting: 40 %
  • Pressure of Nozzle: 0.6 Bar
  • Liquidation Rate: 1/3,7 Liter
  • Time: 500 min
  • Water Consumption: 9018 Liter
  • Electricity Consumption: 0,172 kW/kg. Fabric
  • Steam Consumption: 3,45 kg / kg Fabric
  • Fabric Type: 36/1 Full Lyc.
  • Fabric Kg: 260 kg
  • Fabric Weight: 180 gr/m2
  • Dyestuff Quantity: 5 5 %


Product Description:

ECOFASTDYE makes major contributions to today’s textile industry, where environmental conditions, energy-saving, and cost elements are given particular importance. It is designed meticulously with the intention of obtaining a far better quality dyed fabric surface. It consumes far less electricity, steam, and more importantly, much less water compared to conventional HT dyeing machines. It became a machine sought by the businesses by virtue of all these innovations possessed by the machine, which shortens the processing time, with the new systems we work on fastidiously.

ECOFASTDYE is capable of dyeing all kinds of cotton, viscose, synthetic, lycra knitted and woven fabrics and a mixture of these with maximum surface quality.

ECOFASTDYE performs all these works by consuming 37 It/kg water, on average, throughout the process.



  • All the surfaces on the machine which contact with chemicals are produced of AISI 316 – AISI
    316L type of stainless steel.
  • All stainless steels that we use have high resistance against corrosion and made in Europe
    according to CE norms.
  • The maximum operating temperature is 135 degrees.
  • The maximum working pressure is 2.7 bars.
  • The maximum winch speed is 450 m / min.
  • The hydrostatic test pressure is 4.5 bars.
  • Machine control with pneumatic valves and PLC.
  • Main circulation pump according to low float operation.
  • Adjustable nozzle with servo motor control. The possibility of the working range is 2-10 mm.
  • Nozzle’s maximum working pressure is 2 bars.
  • High-performance heat exchanger system subject to 12 bars test pressure.
  • Optional 150-200-250 kg capacities J-type fabric basket.
  • Double chemical tanks.
  • Cylindrical and perforated filter design on the main circulation pump suction line.
  • Optional Reserve tank, vertical or horizontal position possibility with indirect heating system and
    circulation pump.
  • Electromagnetic flowmeter.
  • Proportional heating and cooling system.
  • Proportional dosing valves. (optional)
  • Lifter reels in each winch are individually controlled by independent inverters.
  • Each winch has an automatic stop and alarm system for the fabric tangle.
  • Each winch has a seam detection and cycle control system.
  • Fast bath filling and emptying system.
  • Internal washing system for body, reserve, and chemical tanks.
  • Fabric laying (plate) system which prevents fabric entanglement for the 200 kilograms capacity and
    above J-Boxes.
  • TUV approved pressure relief valve, vacuum breaker, electrically controlled pressure lock.
  • Manually controlled pressure control relief valve on loading and unloading covers.
  • Coupled production with full performance
  • RO water inlet (optional)
  • Independent operator control panel (optional)


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