Ray DO Glass Cleaner Refill 235 ml

Short Description:

RAY DO Glass & Household Cleaner

Brand: RAY.
Type: Refill
Net Weight: 250 ml
Types: Glass & Household Cleaner Refill.

  • Make scratch-free surface.
  • clean more convenient
  • Make cleaning easier and simpler and more convenient and faster.
  • Zero watermark Detachable
  • free add water
  • considerate design

Product Description:

RAY DO Glass & Household Cleaner Household and office items, including glass, metals, plastics, and laminated materials, are instantly clean.

RAY DO Glass & Household Cleaner Cleans TVs, computers and electronics, windows, mirrors and tableware, refrigerators, ovens and kitchen appliances, car windshields, laminated furniture, etc.

Ingredients: Butyl Glycol, STPP, SLS, Ammonia Solution, IPA, Aqua and others.

Caution: Inflammatory for eyes and skin. Keep out of reach of children and pets. Switch off electrical equipment before use. Apply a little bit before using the colored material.

Weight 0.25 kg
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