Industrial Fog Machine FG-09B

Industrial Disinfectant Humidifier Heavy Fog Machine

  • Dimension: L-17″ W-10″ H-18.5″
  • Reserve tank capacity: 6 Liters
  • Fog tank capacity: 10 Liters
  • Spray volume: 09 Kg/H
  • Supply: 220 V / 50 Hz
  • Power: 960 W
  • Current capacity: 4.36 Amp
  • Color: Glossy White
  • Gross Weight: 18.71 KG
  • Made in: Bangladesh
  • Brand: Ray
  • Type: Cold Fogger


Product details

Industrial Fog Machine mist maker sterilizer humidifier sprayer Applicable textile industry, spraying industry, computer room, electronics industry, paper industry, plastic industry, gunpowder industry, laboratory, tobacco industry, vegetable and fruit fresh-keeping, food industry, planting industry, aquaculture industry, artificial landscape, pharmaceutical industry etc.


  • Automatic induction, automatic humidity control.
  • it’s durable with stainless steel material
  • The fog outlet can be connected with PVC pipe, increase the humidifying area.
  • Automatic water inflow, automatic water overflow protection, and water shortage protection.
  • Small fog (diameter<5 um) and high humidification efficiency, widely used in various industries and air disinfection.
  • 0-30 mins 0-24 h timing on and off
  • Wheels can move easily
  • Humidity sensor
  • 0-24 h timing
  • Wheels, water pipe and water filter

Working principle:

  • With high-frequency vibration of the atomizing sheet to break up the water into fine particles, then throw the water away from the water surface to produce water mist, and blow these particles into the air by fan.
  • The Fog atomizing humidifier has high efficiency, the output mist is very fine, and the relative humidity reach more than 95%.
  • It can transport the ultrasonic spraying mist by PVC pipes with long distance 3-30 meters, and the mist will merge with the air quickly, there will not cause water stains or dripping at humidification site basically.
  • Industrial Fog air humidifier disinfection humidifier fog maker sprayer
  • industrial ultrasonic air humidifier disinfection humidifier fog maker sprayer


Weight 60 kg
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