Disinfectant Tunnel-AL 1.2

1 Body dimension L=91 inch, W=47 inch, H=84 inch
2 Total dimension L=101 inch, W=53 inch, H=84 inch
3 Pump 12V DC, 2A, 0.45 Mpa
4 Fog generator 1 set
5 Spray Nozzle NA
6 Input Power 220V AC
7 Sensor Omron Photoelectric Sensor- 01 nos
8 SS Liquid Tank Capacity 30 liter
9 SS Fog Tank capacity 15 liter
10 Structure Aluminum Frame
11 Wall 5 mm PVC Sheet
12 Safety Device 3A glass fuse
13 Operating System Auto and manual both option
14 Lighting System Blue Color LED
15 Waste water tray 1 pcs
16 Foam 1 pcs
17 Carpet 1 pcs

Product Description

Disinfectant tunnels are designed for human body including cloths, watches, wallets, glasses etc. sterilization, and can effectively kill 99% of germs, bacteria, virus, organisms, fungi and protozoa tainted on the banknotes such as Influenza (Flu), & other common germs with high sterilizing rate reaching the national and international disinfection and sterilization standards.

Intelligent spray disinfection.

The temperature measuring area is equipped with an intelligent sensor sprayer, non-contact sensor spraying, safe and hygienic, and can effectively sterilize hands

The power plug cord provided with this product is needed for product use with a suitable three-wire wall socket with a ground connection. The voltage should not exceed the rated value and the power supply must have a good grounding device. Please turn off the power before moving or cleaning.

The product in a balanced place with good air circulation, where has no high temperature, high humidity or flammable and explosive materials such as gas and alcohol.

Material: SS steel and clear PVC

Inflated Size: just choose which you like

Customized: just tell us your idea

Advantages: simple and quick installation, easy to carry and transport, quick removal, easy maintenance, can be repeated multiple use

Effect: to attract customers eyeballs, increase the momentum of activities, to create bright and beautiful atmosphere, fill the open space, advertising for the business, to promote activities to high point.

Technical Parameter:

Length of temperature measurement area: 640 mm

Human body induction method:microwave detection

Body temperature sensing method:infrared spectrum

Spectral range:8-14 UM

Temperature collection distance:10-20 cm

Body temperature collection position:inside of forehead and wrist (non-contact method)

Body temperature collection accuracy:plus or minus 0.5 degrees

Body temperature collection range:34-45 degrees

Body temperature collection time:2 seconds

Application:School, market, building etc.


Name of main parts:


  1. Cabinet door,
  2. Doorpost,
  3. Button box,
  4. Door seal
  5. door trim
  6. Door glass
  7. Ozone generator
  8. Air vent
  9. Cabinet body
  10. Shelves
  11. The cabinet foot board
  12. Thermostat
  13. The Blower


How to use

1, Space requirements: venue should be flat, no sharp objects(If necessary, can spreading a protective layer on the ground, such as color cloth, rain cloth, canvas, etc.), and away from high-voltage line.

Weight 200 kg
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