Disinfectant Cabinet DC-78C

Short Description:

  • Type: Disinfection Cabinet
  • Air Dresser
  • Model: DC-78C
  • Disinfectant way: Ozone & ultraviolet,
  • Application: Commercial, Household
  • Visible: Glass door
  • Body: SS steel,
  • Material: Stainless steel / Stainless steel
  • Size: 480mmX385mmX575mm
  • Capacity: 78L
  • Power Source: Electric
  • Net weight: 6.9 kgs.

Disinfection cabinets are designed for cloths, banknotes, plastic / metal coins, certificates, documents, work clothes & other items sterilization, and can effectively kill 99% of germs, bacteria, organisms, fungi and protozoa tainted on the banknotes such as Influenza (Flu), & other common germs with high sterilizing rate reaching the national and international disinfection and sterilization standards.


The cabinet is equipped with ultraviolet (UV), ozone & hot air circulation sterilization for sterilizing by UV-C direct rays for bacteria and UV-C photon power for destroying DNA and RNA in microbial collective cells to undergo fission or photochemical polymerization for losing its fertility and viability. In terms of safety protection, it is equipped with stainless trays, timers, fuses & dual temperature controllers to ensure safe operation under medium and low temperature (<60°C) conditions. It can be widely applied to the disinfection of banknotes from any source as well as to the banknote treatment of customs, hospitals, areas of infectious diseases and epidemic victims, thereby being beneficial to the prevention of virus and to the health of people.


The power plug cord provided with this product is needed for product use with a suitable three-wire wall socket with a ground connection. The voltage should not exceed the rated value and the power supply must have a good grounding device. Please turn off the power before moving or cleaning the product.

The product in a balanced place with good air circulation, where has no high temperature, high humidity or flammable and explosive materials such as gas and alcohol.


Name of main parts: 1. Cabinet door, 2. Doorpost, 3. Button box,  4. Door seal 5. door trim 6. Door glass 7. Ozone generator 8. Air vent 9. Cabinet body 10. Shelves 11. UV tube 12. Adjustable cabinet feet 13. The cabinet footboard 14. Thermostat 15. The Blower 16. Heating component 17. Fan housing 18. The air inlet 19. The hot air outlet


① The power button ② The disinfection key (timer)



  • 360° Ozone Disinfection: 360° detoxification coverage for thoroughly clearance of all cashes and documents.
  • UV Sterilization: The disinfection system is equipped with UV lamp, which can destroy bacteria’s DNA structure within short time.
  • Safe & Reliable: Foamed cabinets and fully sealed stainless steel doors to create physical conditions for thermal insulation and sealing.
  • Safety Protection with Hot Air Circulation Device: Equipped with timers, fuses, and temperature controller to ensure safe operation under low temperature (<60°C). With safety switch on the cabinet door ensures the UV light & ozone generator automatically turns off, when the cabinet is opened to prevent the user from being exposed to UV light & ozone.
  • High-Efficiency: The disinfection is in high efficiency, reduces bacteria on the surface of cashes to 99%.
  • Longer Time: There will be enough time (0-60min) for full sterilization.
  • Stainless steel ultraviolet disinfection cabinet resists damages under exposure to UV light
  • Built-in timer lets you establish sterilization cycles and duration
  • Door kill switch stops UV operation when door is open, ensuring safe operation
  • Self-Clean technology eliminates odors and buildup inside the cabinet.

Simply maintained, effortlessly cleaned

  • Refresh clothing while relaxing light wrinkles from the inside and out.
  • High-temperature steam penetrates and sanitizes clothes for an extra-clean boost.
  • Remove and absorb 99% of stubborn odors caused by smoke, perspiration, and food.¹

A self-service cleaning mechanism designed for the home, office etc. closet that cleans and dries clothes, while eliminating odors and up to 99.9% of bacteria in all types of clothing and fabrics. Give your clothes new life through better clothing-care options, an easy and effective home solution for gently refreshing and sanitizing clothes. Care for delicate and special fabrics faster without worrying about heat damage and shrinking. Includes a Sanitize cycle and combines powerful steam and air to relax light wrinkles and remove odors from your clothing.

  • Reduces wrinkles, sanitizes, and gently dries to eliminate odors and 99.9% of bacteria in all types of clothing and fabrics.
  • The Sanitize cycle offers high-temperature steam that penetrates clothes to eliminate bacteria and dust mites from fabrics. For delicate, the gentle and lower-temperature Heat Pump Drying function reduces the risk of heat damage and shrinking.
  • And the odor-elimination technology and deodorizing filter removes stubborn odors that linger in fabrics, like smoke, perspiration, and food. The purpose of the Cabinet is always to provide consumers with a more convenient and cost-efficient at-home solution to care for their clothes.
  • Amid the coronavirus pandemic, the sanitization features and convenience of the product are even more relevant, so consumers can ensure hard-to-clean items like jackets and other outerwear, bedding, and even soft children’s toys are sanitary from the comfort of home.
Weight 60 kg
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